Pine Ridge Simbrahs Engineered to Excel in the World's Warm Weather Grasslands

Our Simbrah specifications were designed 33 years ago to develop very efficient cattle for hot weather climates, where the majority of beef cattle in the world are raised. We are in the registered business to deliver a product that can produce heart healthy tender beef for the consumer and pounds of profit for the commercial segment. And our cattle excel in show rings across the globe!

You will find cattle carrying the PRR prefix throughout Mexico, Central America and South Africa. Visit our unique program and see bulls developing our program. Pine Ridge Ranch cattle are predominately polled, not linebred and the emphasis is on efficiency and carcass superiority.

NEW: We love hearing from our International breeders. Please send us any information, show results and pictures that you would like us to feature on your cattle program on our website.

World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation
PRR Plans on participating at WSFF Conference 2014 in Columbia
  WSFF Council Meeting 2013 in Solvenia
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PRR Genetics in South Africa
The Music in the Genetic Background must be Right!
  WSFF Council Meeting 2013 in Solvenia
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Pictures from Manuel Mallen - Dominican Republic

Very Efficient Production Cattle that Prosper in the Warm Weather Areas of the World